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Новый концепт: academia • dental II – Несъёмное протезирование – интенсивный курс

С 6 по 17 июня этого года академия денталь предлагает новый интенсивный курс по несъёмному протезированию на русском языке. Многим из Вас уже знаком 4-х недельный курс по имплантологии, который предлагался на протяжении некоторых...more


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Dear friends of academia dental!

We wish you and your family merry christmas and a peaceful and happy new year 2016!

Best wishes to all of you!






Practical courses on removable, fixed and partial denture, ceramics and milling techniques!

Please take a look online at: course dates 2016

academia • dental is looking forward to welcoming you in Bremen!





Course on removable denture for students from the Kuban State Medical University Krasnodar

Today we have a pleasure to welcome a group of students from the Kuban State Medical University Krasnodar, Russia to courses on “Removable partial denture: structural planning and design” and “Varseo Printing System”. The...more


academia ∙ dental recommends ...

Holidays and vacations are the perfect time to get new ideas for the development of your own dental clinic. Academia dental recommends the book on „PATIENT-FOCUSED DENTISTRY – PRACTICE MARKETING AND MANAGEMENT“ in this regard.more


Course of academia dental in Krasnoyarsk

At the beginning of July, the course on telescopic crowns made of non-precious alloy was held at the Training Center in Krasnoyarsk, Russia. The course was given by Roman Tschuprunow, a master dental technician and lecturer of...more


New team member at the academia • dental (Kopie 1)

We are pleased to announce that we have a new team member at the BEGO Training Center and academia • dental since July 1. Young dynamic Joanna Wulfken has taken over the "model-making" job of Ute Krampitz who retired....more


Welcoming words by Markus Cassau

Some welcoming words by our new team leader MDT Markus Cassau:

"To follow in somebody’s footsteps who has had such a great influence on training and education for almost four decades and who left a mark in the company is...more


Certificates for successful participation

Congratulations to our successful participants! We hope you all have returned safely to your home & family - we enjoyed the time here with you and hope you did so as well. Until the next time!



Greeting from Henning Wulfes

Some words by Henning Wulfes, founder and longtime Head of the academia dental (now retired)

The patient in the center of attention

Dear Colleagues, dear academia dental alumnis from all over the world!

With Markus Cassau and...more


Another good-bye...

She has always been working "behind the scenes", making our course models and caring for our guests by providing them with coffee and cookies - Ute Krampitz has retired! We will miss her warm and always friendly...more


Course on removable denture

Last week we started a four-week course on removable denture held in Russian language. We wish our guests to obtain new practical knowledge in the field of combination techniques. Enjoy your time in Bremen!



Good-bye and Welcome

After an incredibly long period of 38 years, Mr. Henning Wulfes, Head of the academia dental and BEGO TRAINING CENTER, said good-bye - he has retired! We owe him all very much and are glad that we do not have to do without him...more


10 years academia dental

BEGO Managing Director Christoph Weiss and Henning Wulfes, Head of academia dental and BEGO Training Center, congratulated Mrs. Andrea Gloystein, assistant to Mr. Wulfes, on her 10th anniversary.

Time went by so quickly! Many...more