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academia dental with a New Concept

Short Modules - Less Time, More Efficiency

The international program of the academia dental starts 2012 with a new concept bearing excellent prospects for future careers. Having considered suggestions of former participants (alumnis) and also of interested technicians, the course offer in English language will be completely revised.

The new modular organization promises more efficiency. Technicians interested may create their own individual program according to their own needs. Those who feel a little insecure regarding their skills or who lack the daily routine of certain work steps, have the possibility to prepare themselves for the requirements of the academia dental in very intense courses of one week duration.

The most important innovation of the academia dental concept consists in the more flexible way of choosing single modules. In the past, many technicians were unable to leave their labs for one month in order to join a training at the academia dental for such a long period. 

As a solution, the new course modules are shorter and self-contained. It is important that the modules build on each other and are offered consecutively. This means that it is still possible to do the whole academia dental course in four weeks, but those who cannot afford to stay for such a long period may only participate in the first module of 2 weeks duration and join the second module (also 2 weeks) in the following year or later.
However, it is required to participate in both modules to get the full academia dental certificate and the status as alumni. The choice is yours: You may do both modules in one or two years or with an even longer interruption.

Furthermore, the status as alumni enables you to join top-class training courses offered exclusively for former participants (alumni program).

Course dates and fees 2012