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Welcome to Bremen

City Hall
Restaurant at the bank of Weser

Bremen is worth the trip! With an eventful history spanning more than a thousand years, Bremen is one of the oldest port and trade cities in the world. Come and witness the remarkable tradition.
It is an independent state of the Federal Republic of Germany, consisting of the cities of Bremen and Bremerhaven with a total population of 663.129 inhabitants, thereof 544.853 live in Bremen, known as the second most important foreign trade location.


The market square, with its historical buildings like the City Hall and the Cathedral, is regarded as one of the most beautiful in Europe. Its ensemble of historic buildings is unique. From here, begin a walk through the beautiful heart of Bremen to the famous “Schnoor”, the surviving old city quarter consisting of a medieval network of winding alleys, narrow streets and houses that were built around 1500. Experience the flair of European history with a visit to the quaint cafés and restaurants tucked away in the old city; sure to please even the most discriminating palate. The Boettcherstrasse, with its original architectural style, leads into the market place where you can also find the monument of the symbol of Bremen: The Town Musicians, the protagonists of the famous fairy tale. These four animals were said to be threatened with death at home and hoped to survive in freedom in Bremen. Their sculpture, taking the form of the donkey, the dog, the cat and the rooster standing on each others’ backs stands near the Town Hall.


Shopping in Bremen is fun. Beautiful glass-enclosed atriums protect window shoppers from the elements, so even the worst weather is not a deterrent. Here, one finds just about everything, from small boutiques and elegant shops to department stores.


This is where the Seamen’s Home is located. Regenerated “Schlachte” waterfront gives promenades plenty to watch over right in the city centre. People can enjoy nautical rhythms along the River Weser and chill out in one of the many restaurants, cafes and bars with over 2,000 seats in beer and summer gardens. “Kajenmarkt”, a bargain antique market and daily riverboat departures provide opportunities for strolling and relaxing.
Ships and boats of every variety are berthed alongside the river, from the three-masted frigate and pancake ship Admiral Nelson to the replica of a Hanseatic-era cog ship, a typical cargo vessel of the 13th and 14th centuries.

Week-end and leisure trips:

The proximity to the river Weser offers a lot of possibilities for short trips by boat, such as Harbour trips, Breakfast Cruises on Sundays or cruises to Bremerhaven, Worpswede and other locations. We also recommend doing a guided city tour, for example, a walk through the historic city center or a short tour by bus.
Bremen has a lot of museums to offer, as for example: The Bremen Überseemuseum, an ethnological museum is home to many rare, precious artefacts. The Bremen Art Museum and the “Neues Museum Weserburg” show collections of painting and sculpture.

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How to reach Bremen:

By Train:
Various high-speed trains, including the InterCityExpress (ICE), InterCity / EuroCity (IC/EC) and the InterRegio (IR) take you to one of Germany’s most modern railway stations right in the city centre.
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By Air:
Bremen International Airport connects non-stop with the major gateways in Germany and Europe, including Amsterdam, Berlin, Brussels, Copenhagen, Dresden, Frankfurt, Copenhagen, London, Munich, Nuremberg, Paris, Stuttgart, Toulouse, Vienna and Zurich. The result offers air passengers a user-friendly terminal for national and international arrivals and departures.
It takes 15 minutes by tram to reach the City Centre. Trams depart every 10mins (on a more frequent schedule before 8pm, later every 20mins).
It is also possible (and might be cheaper) to travel to Hamburg or Hannover by air and then take a train to Bremen (approx. 1 hour).
Bremen airport:

By Car:
Motorways (autobahn) A1 and A27 lead to Bremen. The Bremer Kreuz is a major junction at the intersection of the A27 linking Cuxhaven, Bremerhaven and Hannover and the A1 between Hamburg, Osnabrueck and the Rhineland.

Public transport within Bremen
Bremen has excellent transport facilities. Participants who stay at the Seamen’s Home will get a one-month ticket for public transport free of charge. There is a very good tram and bus system linking nearly all quarters and places in the city of Bremen.