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Stories of Success

We have seen that former participants of the academia • dental experienced a substantially higher acceptance in the circle of their colleagues after their training.
However, the best way to inform you is to let our alumnis speak for themselves.
Here are some of their stories….


Аркадий из России

«Меня зовут Аркадий Кан. Работаю зубным техником более 14 лет. Последние годы являюсь владельцем и заведующим зуботехнической лабораторией Кана-Дент. На сегодняшний день лаборатория обслуживает более 30 врачей по всей России....more


Youssef from Syria

Youssef from Syria

The four-week course was so wonderful that time flew by.During this period I acquired a great deal of information that enables me to be distinguished among Syrian dental lab technicians, especially I am the first dental lab...more


Mauricio from Mexico

Mauricio from Mexico

“I belong to a family that has been in dentistry for 2 generations, my dad (Dr. Ubaldo Elías) who practices general dentistry was the one that introduce me first to this field, and I’m so grateful to him because I discovered that...more


Arif from Saudi Arabia

Arif from Saudi Arabia (on the right)

I started with Bego on 2002 when I took the attachment course and I returned back on 2004 also for another course.

Then I was very happy when Bego accepted me on academia dental on 2006! I learnt a lot of things from Bego...more


Ify from Nigeria

That was actually my first time of coming to Germany, so you can imagine, I was coming with high level of anticipation of how the country looks like and how the technology at Bego will be like. I’ve heard severally about German...more