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Ify from Nigeria

That was actually my first time of coming to Germany, so you can imagine, I was coming with high level of anticipation of how the country looks like and how the technology at Bego will be like. I’ve heard severally about German Technology and I was going to experience it first hand. I was really happy and expectant. And I tell you, I was not disappointed.

Before my/our arrival at Bego, preparations had already been made by the team at Bego. Hotel accommodation had already been booked for us. The hotel is located in a very fine area in Bremen. It has so many facilities such that we can interact together, cook together, eat together and even play together. Tickets for trams and buses were also given to us free of charge. Can you beat that?

Those trams were something else. They were so fine and fun entering.

Then, come to BEGO itself. The team of Instructors was wonderful people. Greetings to Andrea, Ziggy, Ralph and Mr. Wulfes who was like a father to us. BEGO is indeed a very fine company.

The equipments and machines we saw at Bego were of a high quality technology. The practical sessions were very interesting. Courses like Millings Technique, and Combination Technique (Master Level) were taught. I really enjoyed the sessions. We had a lot of encouragements and help from the Instructors.

I always looked forward to the evenings when we all gather together at the hotel to share the experiences of the day and to learn from each other. We also take turns in cooking different meals from different countries represented. At least, I cooked Jollof Rice from Nigeria. It was very spicey and we all enjoyed it together. Infact it was really fun.

I made friends with all the participants. I think 9 countries were represented. It was real fun. I wished I could stay longer. My friends were all wonderful people too.

To crown it all, by the time I came back down to Nigeria, there was a promotion exercise going on in my place of work and based on the Certificate I got from Bego and my experience, I was given double promotion. Thanks to you guys at Bego. I’m now involved in the training of Dental Technologists in our Centre in Nigeria.

I’m really looking forward to coming to Bego again soon.

I want to use this opportunity to say a big thanks to Andrea. You are indeed a wonderful lady. You and Mr. Wulfes made our stay so wonderful that we are looking forward to coming again and I believe we will come again.