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The Concept

What is the best way to secure your future as a dental technician?
You need to stand out from the crowd and be better than the others.

The increasing complexity of dental procedures and material requires a superior top-class education.Traditionally, Germany is the leading country in the field of education and qualification. Here, BEGO, a company with more than 125 years of experience in dental technology, has founded the academia • dental.

The idea and the philosophy behind the academia • dental

First of all, we realized that there was a great interest in dental technology “made in Germany” and thus also a demand for corresponding training.  That is why we thought about a way of enabling dental technicians from all over the world to benefit even more from the high education standard in Germany.

So we decided to give these technicians access to the best facilities (equipment) and knowledge by offering courses in English and Russian language. Therefore, BEGO as internationally successful dental company with a long tradition in the field of dental education established the academia • dental in 2002. 

 However, we had to find out that courses of more than one week are often difficult to attend for our clientele. There is a need for getting an intense solid knowledge in a short period. So, we are offering mainly courses of one week duration now in English language. These courses enable dental technicians to improve their skills significantly. 

BEGO’s international school offers education and knowledge on a high technical level, but still, there is more – there is a philosophy behind: It is about coming together from different nations, exchanging and developing ideas and crossing cultural barriers. The colorful academia • dental logo shows a temple which symbolically stands for the place where people meet to get to know each other. Apart from the knowledge imparted by the academia • dental, this is another important factor of its concept: Bringing together people with different cultural backgrounds and histories. Or, as we say: Broaden your horizon in every aspect!



The training concept

International dental technicians often told us that they wish to get a short term training of one week in different important dental fields, such as milling technique, partial denture or crowns and bridges. Perfection in the solid handicraft is what we are transmitting. Improve your skills in the standard dental fields: Getting a sound basis is what comes first – no house can be built on a bad foundation!  Our experienced trainers are able to bring you to a higher level in the main classic dental areas within only several days.  

Wishing to see something more? That is why we combine these classic dental fields with a little preview to the future generation of dental technology – digitalization is the key word of the 21st century! We show you how classic handiwork can be combined with newest technologies: CAD/CAM and 3D Printing are demonstrated in some of our courses (see course dates 2017).

We still offer courses of 2 to 4 weeks duration on removable or fixed dentures in Russian language.