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The academia • dental offers you the best possibilities to reach a higher level regarding your professional skills.


An integral part of the BEGO Company is its BEGO TRAINING CENTER. This facility’s ergonomic design incorporates two teaching laboratories, each with a central laboratory designed for material processing.

All workstations are provided with sophisticated equipment. Milling units, ceramic furnaces and other important equipment and instruments are available in adequate numbers.

The Team of Lecturers – the Course Instructors

In the past years academia • dental has put together a highly motivated top-class team of experienced dental technicians, mostly master dental technicians.
Each is a specialist in his field – for example, wax-up technique and metal-ceramics, milling and partial denture technique as well as BEGO Implant Systems implant prosthetics. Wherever BEGO does not have in-house specialists or a marginal area of the field of dentistry is addressed guest lecturers fill the gap.