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How can I participate in the academia • dental course?

If you are interested in participation in an academia * dental course please contact Mrs. Andrea Gloystein at fortbildung(at) and state in which course you are interested in. Please check if you have the following qualifictions:

  • Sufficient knowledge of the corresponding course language
  • completed education as dental technician
  • If you are a dentist you should have also passed the dental technician examination and fulfill the same requirements as valid for the dental technicians

See also: Registration & Requirements
Should you have any questions please contact us and we will send you all the necessary information on the course and accommodation facilities. Please understand that we have only few places at our disposal.

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How will I get a visa for Germany?

You will have to apply for a visa directly in your country. Please consider that the visa issue takes time, do not organize it in the last minute. Take your time. Please take in mind that in many countries the person applying has to come personally to the Embassy to get visa. Invitation letters by academia dental can only be issued for certain countries.

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Which airport can I choose to get to Bremen?

Bremen has an own airport, very well situated, about 15 minutes to the city center by tram or taxi. Also you can choose the airport of Hannover or Hamburg. To get to Bremen you will have to travel by train. The possibilities to fly to Bremen are via Frankfurt, Munich, Paris, Copenhagen or Stuttgart.

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Where can I live in Bremen?

We recommend the Hotel 7Things


  • Near BEGO
  • Economical, modern and clean


Other hotels on demand!

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How is a normal training day at academia • dental?

In general the day starts at 9 a.m. and ends at 5 p.m. The lunch is from 12 to 12:45h (included in the course fee).

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Is Bremen expensive? How much money should I have with me? Are the meals provided?

In comparison with other German cities Bremen is not too expensive. There will be the following costs (approximately!):

  • Course fee (see Course Dates)
  • Accommodation: The hotel prices (near BEGO) are around 70-90€ per day, breakfast included.
  • approx. 50€ for foodstuff (might be more or less, depending on your needs)
  • approx 25€ for a public transport ticket for one week
  • We provide you with lunch during the week (Monday to Friday) at the BEGO Canteen

(all prices are subject to change!)

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Is Bremen safe? Criminality?

Yes, in general Bremen is a "safe city". The criminality rate in Bremen is low. As in all bigger cities you should have an eye on your wallet/handbag when you are in crowded places.

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What could I do in the leisure time?

There is plenty to see and to do in the historic city centre with its sights, lively pub and restaurant scene, extensive parks and recreation areas, attractive destinations for days out in the surrounding area.
Bremen can justifiably claim to be a city of culture. Avant-garde and Old Masters, large-scale theatre and drama workshops, classical concerts and contemporary sounds, tradition and provocation, established customs and delight in experimentation are all represented here. Bremen's theatres, museums, concert halls and art collections offer an inexhaustible diversity with regard to both the artistic spectrum they cover and the cultural events they put on. Bremen residents are sports fans.
More than 160.000 citizens are members of over 130 clubs - and that's not counting the pub football teams, the informal "kick-abouts", subscribers to sport and fitness clubs and a vast army of joggers. Sport is in - not only in its active form, but equally as a spectator pastime, enjoyed by fans at outstanding sporting events. Bremen's chock-full sporting calendar, crammed with top-class events, gives abundant opportunity for watching sport.

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How far is it to the next bigger cities?

  • Hamburg approx. 100km (train connection)
  • Hannover approx. 100km (train connection)
  • Berlin approx. 400km (flight or train connection)
  • Köln approx. 300km (train connection)
  • Frankfurt approx. 500km (train or flight connection)
  • München approx. 800km (flight connection)

Should you have other questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at gloystein(at)