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Requirements & Registration

Requirements for participation in further training courses at academia • dental

Who should participate?
First of all, you should identify with the aims and philosophy of the academia • dental and be willing to work hard and commit yourself to our courses. You will be compensated with an advantage of knowledge over your colleagues!

Take the chance to focus on your professional development – thus, you will be able to meet the challenges that the future brings!

Furthermore, participants should have completed their education as a dental technician. Also, a good knowledge of the course language (English or Russian) is necessary.

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If you wish to register, please ask for our registration form. Please enclose documentation of your final examination (copy of certificate) as a dental technician with your registration.

Please ask for our registration form or click here for download .


Successful participation will be confirmed by the academia • dental with a representative certificate that enjoys a high reputation throughout the world. It includes the old emblem of the BEGO Bremer Goldschlägerei thus underlining the historical background and long tradition in the field of education. Due to the education system in Germany, official credit points cannot be obtained at the moment!

For further information regarding your registration click here: Registration