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Greeting from Henning Wulfes

Henning Wulfes, founder and longtime Head of academia dental

Some words by Henning Wulfes, founder and longtime Head of the academia dental (now retired)

The patient in the center of attention

Dear Colleagues, dear academia dental alumnis from all over the world!

With Markus Cassau and his successful team, the academia dental will still be in the position to fulfill its high quality standard. Dental technology at the highest level will remain the central aspect of all our efforts. Place your trust in the new teamleader and his team. Benefit from the modular training concepts for highest precision, best function and brilliant aesthetics. Get to know new materials and production processes at the academia dental in Bremen.

I feel honored and thankful to have been a part of the dental developments at BEGO for almost 40 years. During this time, I got to know many talented and enthusiastic dental technologists. Many of them set out to come to the academia dental for a training, not always without difficulties. Today, many of our former academia dental participants today have their own extraordinary laboratories with high quality standards.

To all of you who identify with the philosophy and aims of the academia dental: Do not stop your efforts concerning the (your!) patient. Dental restorations stand for quality of life! Your skills, your knowledge, your decision for a certain material or a certain work process stand for the quality of a dental restoration.

The dental evolution requires lifelong learning and a fast adaption to new technologies. Decisive changes lead and have led to more efficient work and productions processes. New dental materials have revolutionized dental technology. The digitalization is advancing extremely fast, virtual constructions offer surprising possibilities and the 3D printing has only just started!

More than ever, those dental technicians are in demand who are able to apply the whole range of new dental technologies. Here, academia dental has the aim to support these dental technicians with its unique concept that convinces by its sophisticated structure and high level – the patient being the one benefiting the most.

Those of you who have already been here at the academia dental – please let us know, here in facebook, about your experiences and the influence on your professional career. Let’s develop a social network crossing all political and cultural borders, so that other technicians can profit from your experience, too.

Recommend my new book “Patient-focused dentistry” to your dentists – there it is described how important a good laboratory is for the success of a dental practice.

Although retired now, I won’t lose touch to dental technology – now more in the function of consultant and no longer decision-making. I wish all my colleagues, whether we met in Bremen or in other parts of the world, a successful future – let us stay in touch!

Best regards,

Henning Wulfes