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Welcoming words by Markus Cassau

Markus Cassau and his team

Some welcoming words by our new team leader MDT Markus Cassau:

"To follow in somebody’s footsteps who has had such a great influence on training and education for almost four decades and who left a mark in the company is not an easy task. I deeply respect what Mr. Henning Wulfes achieved during all these years and I identify with his goals and ambitions.

However, changes also offer chances – and currently there are lots of changes in the field of dental technology; above all there is the digitalization where increasing advances are affecting the fundamentals of dentistry.

Some of us feel that this development is like a wave rolling over us sometimes leaving us helpless and overstrained, not knowing how to deal with these new challenges. Some may even be afraid that they are no longer needed.

I prefer to see it differently: In the center of it all, there still is the qualified technician as a specialist with all his skills and knowledge. He cannot be replaced by technology, on the contrary – technology does not work without him, and all new materials, devices and work processes are only further options designed to enable a technician to become even more efficient and precise.

But, of course, the use of advancing technology increases the skill requirement; this in turn increases the meaning of education. Continuous education is the key to success – this has always been our maxim. Sophisticated technologies require skilled staff willing to absolve ongoing training. This is what we offer at our academia dental and in our BEGO Training Center.

The second aspect is the higher demand for aesthetic aspects meaning that there is a change from “receiving patient” to “demanding customer” – people are no longer satisfied with just functional solutions, they want more: dental restorations that cannot be recognized as such and appear like natural teeth.

This is another reason making education more and more important. Dental technicians have to question their own know-how always striving for perfection.

Therefore, our team will be by your side offering training of the highest level and with latest technologies. We would like you to become the competent partner for your dentist. Close collaboration between dentist and dental laboratory is essential. Dentists need someone to rely on and dental laboratories need staff properly trained and who feel comfortable with the new technologies. Take the chance to become the irreplaceable consultant for your dentist who helps him to obtain an overview of possible materials and technical processes.

Here in Bremen, we have excellent facilities, highly motivated trainers and a long-life experience in the field of education – make use of what the academia dental has to offer!

I am looking forward to receiving guests from all over the world here in Bremen – as Mr. Wulfes has already said: Let us come together and work toward our common goal: To meet the requirements of demanding dentistry’s guests – the patients who deserve the best possible solutions!


Markus Cassau"