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Registration & Conditions of Participation

1. Registration and confirmation

The registration for the arrangements and courses of academia • dental is to be made in writing. Therefore, we kindly ask you to fill out the registration form and return it to us by fax together with your documents confirming your education and working experience. Registrations by phone cannot be accepted. Registrations are taken into consideration in the order of entrance as well as under the point of view of technical qualification.

2. Fees and terms of payment

After a written confirmation of the registration by academia • dental the participant should pay the full course fee prior to the course. This can be done by bank transfer (please ask for a proforma invoice). In some cases, payment might also be made here in Bremen at the beginning of the course, by cash. The non-payment of the course fee leads to the exclusion of the participant from the course.

3. Course and arrangements procedure

A minimum number of participants is necessary for the academia • dental program.


In case of too low a number of participants the course may be postponed or cancelled completely up to three weeks before the beginning of the training. The fees already paid will be refunded in case of a cancellation in full. Additional damage claims (booked hotels, flights etc.) are excluded. Please, take into account: The course content exemplarily shown on the internet undergoes a constant change due to optimized technologies or new materials. Therefore, they serve only as a rough orientation. The detailed procedures depend among other things also on the respective number of participants and their skills.

The academia • dental team will try as much as possible to consider the interests and personal wishes of the participant - as long as it is not disturbing the purpose of the course. The main course objective is the correct full completion of the practical course work as stated. The respective course language is seen in the course description. In case of successful course participation the participant receives the academia • dental certificate, otherwise a “simple” certificate of participation.

Please find the current fees under "dates".

4. Cancellation

The registration for an academia • dental course can be cancelled in writing free of charge up to six weeks before the course starts. In case of a later refusal, if the place cannot be passed on to another participant at short notice, the participant has to pay a cancellation fee of 50% of the course fee. If the participant cancels a running course segment, the course fee up to that date has to be paid fully, plus 50% of the course fee for the remaining period.

5. Liability

The academia • dental (BEGO) is liable in case of accident according to the scope of legal regulations. BEGO is not liable for damages, theft and loss of brought objects as well as vehicles, as far as the damages are not based on an intentional or careless duty of the academia • dental (BEGO) or their assistants.

6. House regulations

The respective house regulations are valid for the use of the academia • dental equipment. The responsible course instructor may exercise his house rights.

Please note:

  • The workplaces have to be cleared after every working day
  • Help the trainers to maintain the functional areas
  • Respect the general smoking prohibition in the academia • dental area and in the company building.

7. Accommodation/Hotel

academia • dental helps you to reserve a room during your stay. The Seamen’s Home in Bremen grants the academia • dental participants very favorable conditions. Any reservations are done by academia • dental on behalf of the course participant. Costs arising from cancellation or change of accommodation are to be taken over by the course participant.

8. Recording

The photographic and video recording of course contents is not allowed. The same applies for sound-recording. Provided scripts or presentations serve own use only and may not be handed on to other persons.

9. Security regulations

Please, follow general security regulations such as

  • Use protective glasses while working with rotary instruments
  • Put on a protection mask when working
  • Take care when working with an open flame
  • Use the equipment according to the trainer’s instructions


Having founded the academia • dental, BEGO aims to provide a dental-technical qualification at a high level. In order to reach the course aim an intensive co-operation and identification with the aims and the philosophy of academia • dental is required. As the course fee covers only one part of the costs, we ask the course participants for extremely careful use of the instruments and equipment available. Participating in the courses of academia • dental is an investment in your future!